Energy(Reactor) of Gundam

Hi! I'm kimryo(キむryo). I introduce Energy in the Gundam world(Universal Century).

In U.C. world, Nuclear fusion technology is practical use. Nuclear fusion reactors are in Gundam's body and generate huge energy. Generally speaking, nuclear fusion reactors are used Mobile suits.

What is nuclear fusion, and nuclear fusion reactor? Nuclear fusion is a reaction in which two or more atomic nuclei are combine to one nucleus. In natural world, this reaction occur in the Sun. The research of nuclear fusion is making the Sun in the earth, and use as a reactor is the research of nuclear fusion reactor.

In our real world, to evoke nuclear fusion need over one hundred million degree of celsius and high pressure. In the earth, evoking nuclear reaction is very difficult. Nuclear fusion reactions have some variation. Now, in the ongoing research, use D-T reaction. D-T reaction uses Deuterium and Tritium as fuel. Magnetic confinement fusion reactors are Developing france and Japan.

Nuclear fusion needs plasma. But getting and keeping plasma on the earth are very difficult. Heating fuel over 100 million degrees of celsius.

To evoke nuclear fusion, harness magnetic energy. Magnetic energy are harnessed to keep plasma.

In Gundam world (U.C.) , Minovsky Ionesco reactors are used for Mobile suites reactor. Minovsky particles are keeping plasma so nuclear fusion reactor are downsized. As a result downsizing nuclear fusion reactor, Gundam has 7 reatcors in his body.

ia ia!


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